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VTX1 Companies Acquires Digital Communications

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VTX1 Companies Acquires Digital Communications

Digital Communications’ security solutions will expand VTX1’s diversification of services

Raymondville, TX (April 26, 2017) – VTX1 Companies today announced its acquisition of Digital Communications in Harlingen, TX. Digital Communications, established in 1983, is a provider of security, surveillance and monitoring systems in the Rio Grande Valley. They also have expertise in premise-based and hosted business communications systems as well as installing and maintaining LAN/WAN network systems.

“The combination of Digital Communications’ security and business telephony system expertise with our internet, phone and TV services will provide our members and customers with additional service options,” said Dave Osborn, CEO of VTX1 Companies. “The acquisition is also expected to result in greater efficiencies and significantly increase our market share with business customers.”

“A partnership was formed with VTX1 Companies to facilitate Digital Communications in broadening its reach in and beyond the Rio Grande Valley,” commented Terry Wolfe, Owner, Digital Communications. “Our competencies in security and communications systems for homes and businesses will allow VTX1 Companies to expand their service offerings.”

VTX1 is in the process of integrating Digital Communications’ products and services into their operations. “The integration of both companies will take place over the next 4 to 6 months.  Our newly acquired clients will continue to receive the same high quality products and services they have come to expect,” stated Dave Osborn, CEO of VTX1 Companies, “and we look forward to getting to know them better.”

About VTX1 Companies

VTX1 provides internet, telephone, TV services and security applications for homes and businesses in South Texas, and a fully-managed IP transport network and optical services for larger enterprises. VTX1’s broadband network extends from south of San Antonio to the lower Rio Grande Valley. The corporate name is VTX1 Companies. Legal entities are: Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc., VTX Communications, LLC and VTX Telecom, LLC.  For more information about VTX1, visit or call 1-800-446-2031.