Our Leadership Team

Meet Our Leadership Team! The RGV Partnership is a nonprofit made possible largely due to our amazing members. 
Thank you for allowing us to serve and work with you in order to improve our region’s collaborative efforts for the good of us all.

Daniel Silva

Mr. Silva was appointed as President/CEO of the Rio Grande Valley Partnership in July of 2022. The RGV Partnership is a community-minded organization where business leaders advocate for regional collaboration and economic prosperity.
Initiatives include improvements to transportation and port of entry infrastructure; the organization engages in policies that impact economic development, international trade, healthcare, education and workforce development.

Mr. Silva served as CEO of the Mission Economic Development Corporation and Executive Director of the Mission Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone.

Mr. Silva worked close to 20 years at Mission EDC in various capacities, most recently as COO and CEO. As the CEO, Mr. Silva created workforce, technology, and entrepreneurship programs to serve Mission and its surrounding areas.

Mr. Silva has served as a board of director for multiple organizations and is currently serving on the Texas Science & Engineering FAIR, Teach For America, Texas Alliance for I-69, and Boarder Trade Alliance.

Mr. Silva Coordinated and participated in support of legislative initiatives for the Rio Grande Valley. To promote the advancement of technology in the RGV, Mr. Silva was directly involved in the passing of legislation that allowed Computer Science to be taken as a core curriculum course in high school.
Mr. Silva holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Information Systems and Quantitative Methods as well as a Master of Public Administration from The University of Texas-Pan American.

Leandra Flores

Director of Memberships and Fundraising

The Director of Memberships and Fundraising at the RGV Partnership plays a pivotal role in developing and implementing strategies to grow the organization’s membership base and secure financial support through fundraising initiatives. Leandra is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with members, donors, and sponsors to ensure sustainable funding and engagement.

Fernanda Sanchez

Director of Marketing and Events

The Director of Marketing and Events at the RGV Partnership plays a crucial role in leading and executing the organization’s marketing strategies and managing successful events. Fernanda is responsible for developing and implementing innovative marketing initiatives to promote the RGV Partnership and its mission. Additionally, they oversee the planning, coordination, and execution of events that support the organization’s goals and objectives.

Bertha Ramirez

Administrative Assitant

As Administrative Assistant, Bertha is responsible to ensure the efficient operation of the office. By being familiar with the concepts, practices and procedures required by non-profit organizations to operate efficiently and securely, as well with time sensitive material. Bertha, ensures all regular and recurring duties and initiatives under the RGV Partnership, are performing and executing with high quality and in a timely manner to the organization’s Board of Directors and leadership of the organization. Bertha’s efforts expand to manage and create content for all social media initiatives.