Our region’s healthcare sector is growing, but it needs some help in order to keep up with the needs of our growing population. It is important that the residents in our region have access to proper healthcare, nutrition, housing, fundamental technology, and other essential resources. Advocating for Investment in the Healthcare Industry is a main focus of RGV Partnership so that persons of all ages live in a healthy and safe community.

The RGV's Healthcare Providers

South Texas Health System
Investment in the Healthcare Industry
Valley Baptist Health System
Investment in the Healthcare Industry
Investment in the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Centers in the RGV

Cornerstone Regional Hospital
2302 Cornerstone Blvd., Edinburg

Doctor’s Hospital at Renaissance
5501 S. McColl Rd., Edinburg

Driscoll Children’s Hospital
1120 E. Ridge Road, McAllen

Edinburg Children’s Hospital
1102 West Trenton, Edinburg

Harlingen Medical Center
5501 S. Expressway 77, Harlingen

Knapp Medical Center
1401 East 8th Street, Weslaco

McAllen Heart Hospital
1900 S. D St., McAllen

McAllen Medical Center
301 W. Expressway 83, McAllen

Mission Regional Medical Center
900 South Bryan Road, Mission


Rio Grande Regional Hospital
101 E. Ridge Road., McAllen

Valley Baptist Medical Center
1040 W. Jefferson, Brownsville

Valley Baptist Medical Center
2101 Pease , Harlingen

Valley Regional Medical Center
100 Alton Gloor Blvd., Brownsville


It is extremely important for our region for the RGV Partnership and its members to advocate for Investment in the Healthcare Industry. The Valley’s citizens of every demographic are top priority for the growing healthcare sector. As the region grows, more people will have access to basic technologies now made a necessity for modern-day living, proper nutrition for growing and aging bodies, essential healthcare for illness and injury, housing for home and health, and other essential resources.